Do I Need A Letter For Emotional Support Animal?


Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are animals that specialize in providing humans comfort and stability through times of emotional disturbance. The first thing to note is that Therapy Animals, Emotional Support Animals, and Service Animals are not the same thing. They are different types of animal personalities and serve different purposes. What is common is that they are meant to make you feel better and are incredibly adorable pets.

● Service Animals are supposed to help the owners in their disabilities or tasks that they cannot perform. They take care of the safety of the owner.
● Therapy Animals are animals that provide people comfort and joy at serious times. They usually don’t serve just one owner full time.
● Emotional Support Animals are the animals that give you emotional and mental support throughout your life.

We are going to go more deep into ESAs in this article. Emotional Support Animals are usually recommended to someone with emotional and/or mental issues as their partners. They often go everywhere with their owners. Some places that forbid animals also have exceptions for ESAs.

What is the procedure?

To enter an airport and housing support, a person needs a Letter for Emotional Support Animal. This is a letter from your therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist authenticating the need for the emotional support animal. The letter cannot be from just any doctor. There are certified doctors for this purpose, and they need to identify the need and certify it through the letter. There are strict formats of these letters and have guidelines to be followed. These letters have to be authentic, and they are tested.

Types of Emotional Support Animal letters:
● General ESA Letter
● ESA Housing Letter
● ESA Letter for Flying

These letters are considered as certified prescriptions that permit you to live with your ESA full time. While applying it is expected that the animal is well behaved, and the service animal letter is validated by a certified mental health care professional.

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