Entering the Manitoba province of Canada through Entrepreneurial programs


If you are own a business and willing to migrate to canada from dubai so as to expand the business operations, you can choose a suitable business immigration program offered by the Canadian government. The general business immigration program will provide opportunities to buy a business or invest in an existing one anywhere in Canada. But if you need to go to a specific province, the requirements and processes of their government should be followed. The process and requirements for Manitoba immigration is discussed her.

Entrepreneur Investment program – Manitoba Province
If you are planning to start a business in a province with a low cost of living along with a peaceful environment, Manitoba is the best option for you. The two business investment options in Manitoba are the Entrepreneur Pathway and Investment in Farming.
Manitoba Entrepreneur pathway
This stream is for the applicants who are willing to start a business in the province. The main requirements for this stream are listed below.
• You should have a minimum of 3 years of work experience as an owner or a managerial worker in any of the established businesses
• You should have a share of at least 33% in the business if you are the owner
• You should have a language proficiency of Canadian Language Benchmark of 5
• You should be willing to invest a minimum of $250000 in the Canadian business inside the Capital and $150000 if it’s outside
• You should create at least 1 job opportunity for a permanent resident of Canada
Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway
• You should have a minimum of 3 years’ experience as a farm owner
• You should have language proficiency in either English or French
• You should invest at least $30000 in a farming business in Manitoba
• You should submit a detailed farming business plan
• You should be actively participating in the management of the business

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