FAQs on window replacement


If you are doing home construction, best roofing contractors near memight be in order. Replacing windows is a big job making it a big expense in the process. That is why you would want to be sure of how well the investment is going to pay off. Consider the answer to the following questions before you make your window replacement and ensure that you have what you want for your specific home.

• Is it a retrofit or a replacement?:Replacement requires the stucco to be cut or siding, removing the flash paper, and removing the window completely. If it is a retrofit, your home exterior and stucco will not be damaged. The old window frame perimeter will not be removed. Instead,you will require a new window being installed in your old framework. As a result, the new window will be smaller but barely noticeable.
• What is the type of window frame are you looking for?:You need to choose a window frame which will work best for you. There are a variety of window frames in the market but the vinyl frames tend to be popular maybe due to the low maintenance and its affordability.
But you have to remember that, the vinyl frames cannot be painted, and most will be brownish or white. When it comes to insulation, aluminum frames are the best and you will get them in darker frames. Fiberglass frames are maintenance-free and you can paint them but you have to remember they are damn expensive.
• Should they be dual or single-glazed?: Windows which are single glazed are made of a single pane of glass. It makes them easy when replacing them and also easy when cleaning. But you have to know that, they are not very insulating. For the double glazed, they are made of two glass panes with a layer of air that is trapped between that offers insulation.

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