Mobile casino games played on Android and IOS phones


Apple phones are a symbol of fashion for a section of people who are just not satisfied with the best. Hence whenever there is a new mobile release it is considered to be an IOS phone by most of the population around the globe as well as the media. But the reality is a bit different from the fact media comes up with. According to a study in the year 2011 about the market of the operating system of phones, it has been found that nearly 40 % is the share of the Android whereas IPhone has just 30 %. The changing statistics shows that the users of phones are getting inclined towards a phone with Android other than IOS as Android contains a number of applications and games.
Both Android and IOS phones allow users to access and play credit slot (slot pulsa) but the problem arises with Android as Google tends to block apps and games involving real money. At times it appears to be a tough work to find apps related to Casino games on Google. As exceptions are present in all aspects of life this also has exceptions. Online casino games that are available and have been present online for a long period of time now have earned much name and prominence.
Even if a person with an Android phone is unable to find and download any particular app through Play Store of Google he or she still has an option to access that mobile casino game through the browser they use. But not to worry as Android support maximum number of the casino games available online. Moreover, it provides the option to update software on a regular basis which helps the phone to run the games smoother and keeps it updated and fast as compared to many IOS phones.

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