Questions to ask glass replacement company


Getting a proper windshield replacement depends entirely on the training of the technician handling your auto glass repair. There is a need for you to ask questions in order to learn more before you settle for anyone’s glass replacement company. You are given how important a windshield in the structural integrity of your car, it is essential to ask the following questions when selecting a top company to replace your windscreen.

• How have your technicians been certified and trained to install windshields?: When you are shopping around for an auto shop to replace your glass, this should be the first question to ask: How long have the technicians been on the job? How well are they trained? Are they in any way, certified by an independent certification organization? Some companies claim that their technicians are certified, but in a real sense, it is the company that has approved them and not a professional recognized independent body. Does the company have plenty of on the job training and continuing education?
• Do all the materials used meet or exceed all the pertinent federal motor vehicle standards?: The purpose of such standards is to reduce passenger and driver injuries that result from impact to glass surfaces. It ensures a certain transparency degree as far as motor vehicle windows is concerned. It is for the driver’s visibility, minimizing the possibility of the car occupants being thrown through the vehicle if a collision happens.
• Have the technicians been trained on adhesive use?: Adhesive refers to the material used to replace the windshield so that it stays in place after the installation. It is the glue that bonds the body of the car and the windshield.
Most of the manufacturers of adhesive encourage technicians to become certified for all their products. It means that the technicians will be able to use them correctly and safely.

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