Reputation Manager: Signs That You Are Speaking With The Wrong Professional


Out of the many reputation managers to hire, have you spot on the best one to work with? Francis Santa would agree that your reputation manager can make or break your business success, hence, it is important that you choose who to hire wisely.
Apart from the things you need to know, you also need to know the signs that you are speaking with the wrong professionals. Just to help you in filtering out the bad ones from the good ones, here are the signs that you are speaking with the wrong professional:
Too good to be true promises
If they are giving you to good to be true promises, do not spend a lot of time talking to them as most of the time it is not true. If they commit that they can turn things around after a week, do not trust them as that statement alone is impossible to happen. This same goes if the reputation manager promises you of a good result even without digging deep and knowing more about your company.
The absurd promises are obviously just to impress and make you choose them and not their counterparts.
Charges too cheaply
If they are charging way too cheaply, you might want to know if they can really do the job. Yes, there are companies that are charging cheaper than others but it should not be too far than what most managers charge.
Unresponsive customer service
If they have a customer service but unresponsive or taking time to pick up, then finding a manager that won’t let you wait for a long time is who you need to hire. Their customer service is an indication of how serious they are in terms of providing their customers with the support they need, hence, when they answer too long, then it means they are not as interested about giving their customers with the satisfaction they need.

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