The famous consultant Dr. John Manzella implements quality systems that allow your clinic to obtain a quality approach in the Health Sector


One of the main contributions that a consultant like him,Dr. John Manzella, can make is precisely to contribute with a trained, professional look from the outside, free from the plots, entanglements, and historical ties typical of any company that has already had some years of operation.
Entrepreneurs will be able to argue that no one knows better than what happens inside their companies, in their businesses, and with their people. But a person without medical instruction should not self-prescribe or buy the remedies the neighbors gave him.
Dr John Manzella investigates the external factors that impact your clinic or office, extracting relevant information such as the number of competitors in a certain geographical area, benchmarking competition analysis, the profile of your patients, value proposition, and other factors that directly or indirectly impact the health of your medical business such as security, economy, temporality, etc.
This famous consultant implements quality systems that allow your clinic to obtain the International Certificate of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard with a focus on the Health Sector and certifies the competencies of the health professionals of your organization before the international organization Exemplar Global through the TPECS registry.

Rescue evicted organizations

Despite all the remedies the company’s managers apply, they cannot identify the origin of the symptoms or even visualize the magnitude of the problem or disease that the company may be presenting.
There are a large number of people who, despite feeling bad, do not go to their doctor due to indecision or fear, and when they decide to go for a check-up, it is too late when they are diagnosed with a fatal disease, and they could have avoided it with a timely check-up.
Companies work the same way: if managers postpone going to a consultant like him,Dr. John Manzella, to be advised, it may be that when they decide to do so, the company will no longer be in a position to be rescued.

To launch the business toward success

Dr. John Manzella offers independent advice and support to medical clients on management issues. He helps companies identify and investigate problems and adapt to change. He suggests solutions and helps the client to put his advice into practice to move their business forward.

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