The manufacture of LEED IAQ meters, allows with its pointer to be more precise with the measurement of environmental conditions.


Significantly more than two decades on the current market, focused on the manufacture of quality digital instruments, dispersing each of these tools worldwide.
Likewise the services of its own Pros can be found worldwide; they manage environmental IAQ meter understanding, required for the strengthening of the planet.

One of the job policies, Manufacturing, sale, supply of the different tools, the company investigations different ways for the health and safety of people to enhance daily.

Its own goods and instruments, are made by advanced technology, with state-of-the-art digital detectors, which can emit true messages, concerning environmental problems.
This company continues to grow in Cutting-edge technology, and along with the Solomat product lineup of IAQ monitors, air meters, and much more, they are sold on a big scale by the company GrayWolf, see this website. You will know that additional products have in your disposal.

GrayWolf, is the manufacturer of Different environmental tools and LEED IAQ which allow, together with their own pointer, to be more precise from the dimension of ecological conditions that exist in the USA city.
Among other tools designed, Fabricated, and shipped to the marketplace, for commercialization, there’s also the indoor air quality meter, that may be used from the platform of one’s computer or digital cellular phone, to be used in air measurement, inside or outside an area surface.

The IAQ meter, through its innovative applications, allows us to detect exact Values of climate, temperature, and humidity of the surroundings, using much more simplicity and by the relaxation of your cell phone, said the application can be downloaded. From today it is possible to delight in the application form strategies, that must be performed outside and obtain more precise results.

Each of the meters or instruments Is fabricated with top technology, is mobile, and obtain active detectors which are perfectly associated with the fact of correct temperatures, humidity, and airspeed from the environment.

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