Things you did not know about bulk image downloader


You will require a bulk image downloader in order to download instagram photo. It is an integrated bulk image that is for windows which has to be installed separately with chrome. You have to know that, the bulk image downloader is not an application which is for free. Its trial version might be utilized for free for as long as you wish though it comes with some limitations.
For the BID application which is unlimited in its usage, you will need to buy a registration code so that you unlock its full functionality. The BID mostly cost about $40 but at times discounts which makes it to cost less than that. Check online on different websites and you could get great discounts.
The bulk image downloader is what makes it quite easy in downloading images which are full sized from any web gallery that is thumb nailed. It is known to support quite a number of images which include the ones hosted by imagefab, imagevenue, flickr and others.
The extension adds a button to chrome that allows you to be able to quickly open the web page which is current with the BID. It is known also to add the menu of the bulk image downloader to the chrome whenever you right click on the menu context, which then allows you to open the page that has the BID currently, you will have to open the link which you have selected with the BID, or you can send the current link or page to the queue manager of the BID.
Shortcuts to use on the keyboard include:
• Alt and Shift and X to open the current page using the link explore for BID
• Alt plus Shift plus Q to ensure that you queue the current page using BID
• Alt plus shift plus C to open the current page using BID

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