What Does A Net Branch Manager Do?


A Mortgage Net Branch, also known as an Associate Branch, is basically a corporate production unit branch office of a large mortgage banking company. The branch manager works with overall supervision responsibility for the entire staff supervision and budget oversight. The loan officer is the one who contacts the borrower and directs the process from applying for a loan to approval. The loan officer has to work closely with the underwriters, processors, title companies, and other officers of the mortgage company. The loan officer develops and implements loan applications, underwriting criteria, loan offers, loan packages, underwriting and title services, as well as credit applications and title services.
Loan officers can be divided into two categories: direct or indirect. Direct loan officers are primarily employed in the major regional offices of the mortgage company. They have access to the net branch and may occasionally receive direct orders from the net branch manager. Indirect loan officers work at the national level of the mortgage company or at regional offices. These employees do not have the access to the net branches of the larger mortgage company and may only receive orders from the net branch manager.
Each mortgage company has several loan originators and some of them are primarily employed by the lender. These loan originators are generally employed by the lender directly or by a corporation that controls one or several mortgage companies. Most of the licensed mortgage brokers are employed by lenders through independent brokers firms and they perform the same functions as the licensed loan originators.
Mortgage brokers can be divided into two groups: the individuals who are actively employed by the lender and the individuals who are employed by a third party lender. The people who are actively employed by the lender are called direct loan officers while the third party lenders employ indirect loan officers. In addition, there are some mortgage banking organizations that hire independent sales representatives who will represent the company on a representative level.
Mortgage professionals can also belong to one of several professional organizations. These organizations specialize in a specific industry and members are usually drawn from the industries that participate in the organization’s activities. The most prominent among these are the Banking Industry Experts and the FHA Supervisors. These organizations offer a comprehensive range of mortgage branch opportunities for mortgage professionals who are looking for career advancement and expansion. These organizations also ensure that the members are educated, certified and licensed to work in their respective field.
A net branch manager’s job is to find mortgage originators to fill out applications with the mortgage company or banks. He or she then goes on to interview the candidates. Applicants’ resumes are reviewed by the net branch manager and only the best ones are invited for an interview. If a loan originator is not able to get an interview, he or she may be asked to reapply until the right applicant is found.

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