Winery tour: Getting the best out of it


During the afternoons of high season, tasting rooms can be crowded. This means that staff will not have time to discuss wines with you. The best tuscan wine tours should be done early in the day. You will need to plan your day so that you go to a winery, which has good dining or picnic facilities at lunchtime. The best time to visit is midweek or offseason. Apart from the timing, the following are other tips that will make the winery tour super.

Never visit more than 3 wineries in a single day: If you do, then you will not have time to understand what is happening in each particular location. You have to get the true tasting through lingering. When you are doing a leisurely tasting, it will allow you to savor the wines and make the most out of the experiences.
To make an appointment with most of the wineries should not deter you. There are wineries which require that you have to make an appointment to make sure that they have staff at hand to give you attention.
Dont concentrate on your favorite wine alones: Each winemaker got their own unique way of winemaking and thus various wines will tend to test in a different way in various wineries you visit. That is why you must try tasting new grape variety whenever you visit.
That way, you will be able to understand the variety of the same wine but by different winemakers. Certain winemakers will make a very small quantity of a particular wine maybe because they are still experimenting on it or they get the grapes from a different source that might not be nearby.

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